Our Services

  1. Transfers are by appointment and we charge $25 (includes PICS check)
  2. You can buy a gun online and have it shipped to us for a $10 fee. (Please ask the shipping FFL to ship NO SIGNATURE REQUIRED) as we are not always here as we have full time jobs.
  3. We buy, sell and trade used guns of all types. We especially love WWII and up stuff. We try and stay away from modern stuff unless the price is right.
  4. We buy military collections.
  5. We can help identify and appraise the value of weapon or military item you may have.
  6. We can also help find hard to find parts for your rare firearm.
  7. NEW: relinquishment of firearms, ammunition, or other weapons, regarding either MCDV convictions or the entry of PFAs

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